Shaped Zip Jacket School and Corporatewear


Remar Knitwear has been manufacturing school and corporatewear for the past 35 years. During this time many changes have occurred with the progression of the design, style, fit and feel of school and corporate garments.
These developments ultimately have led to more choice for our clients, and we are happy to offer a huge range of school and corporate wear from cardigans, jumpers and vests to socks, beanies and scarves. We are happy to manufacture anything from close fitting merino garments, to form fitting shaped cardigans, to traditional V neck jerseys.

We realise that each school and corporate environment is unique, and that the school uniform when worn by students is seen as a direct reflection of the school itself. We offer many options in regards to the incorporation of identifying features into our knitwear, such as school logos, emblems, and mottos; applied directly to the knitwear when it comes to jumpers, cardigans and vests, or incorporated as part of the knitwear itself in the case of scarves and socks. We are capable of manufacturing products with different stitch structures within the same garment due to the fully computerised nature of our machinery. This, and more results in knitwear as individual as your school or corporate environment.

We pride ourselves in our ability to source and use only top dyed yarn. This is the only yarn type that ensures complete colour consistency across multiple orders. We use a yarn made up of 80% merino wool and 20% nylon to give our garments the strength they require. Remar Knitwear produces high quality knitwear that is durable; made to withstand the school and work environment, and yet still offers value for money. We encourage your enquiries into both our existing and potential future products. We look forward to meeting your distinct requirements.