Possum Merino Silk blend blanket


gordon a is Remar Knitwear's own range. Gordon has been immersed in knitwear since 1968 and is passionate about expanding and breaking the boundaries of what knitwear machines have been traditionally capable of producing, and the way this extends and improves the possibilities of the resulting knitwear.

Gordon is also passionate about the improvement and alterations to the yarn and fibres used to produce knitwear; the way these can be blended and twisted together, improving the touch, feel, and warmth of the garment. Gordon's experience and knowledge of knitwear allows him to accurately improve on the performance and technicalities of all the garments and socks that he produces.

gordon a encompasses the large variety of fields within the knitwear industry that Gordon and his team specialise and excel in. They include but are not limited to fashionwear, homeware, schoolwear, socks, babywear, sportswear, outdoor leisurewear, and workwear.